Integral Dance of Life

making evolution, making people move

P. Ola Jannhov
P. Ola Jannhov

I was a therapist, a meditation leader, a DJ and an entertainer. I was a spiritual seeker. I now call myself a Mover, I bring movement to your life. I´m based in Berlin.


I support you to move, to move on, to take your next step in life. To let go of old and move on towards the unknown new. Such change can be challenging. And rewarding, ultimately it´s liberation.


We, partners and me, offer Soul Adventures. We create content and facilitate settings where you´re invited to move, using i.e.

  • nature walks
  • dance
  • vocal expression and enacting
  • active and interactive rituals
  • designed journeys like social meditations
  • meditative-reflective integrative exercises
  • sharing and we space fun


These are hints on the outer context. How we work is though what truly can make a difference. Our work is mostly perceived as playful, light and deep. The "move" we´re adressing might be integration of the hidden within yourself. It might be about expansion of consciousness and/or the magic of transformation through your body. It might simply be the fun of walking and dancing, expressing and enjoying the moment.


What we aim at, as a result for you, is that believed or anticipated limitations can be integrated or blown away – setting you free.

Then, if you like, you´ll move, you´ll be able to take that “next step” in your life.



“There is pain in not being Whole.”

We all know this, somehow. Don't you, too?

We can try to control the pain, try to make the pain go away or hide it. We can try to fill ourselves from the outside to not feel the pain (typically with food, drugs, people, work, money, sex and power - more, more & yet more!).

You are here to learn to be whole, rather from the inside.


Dance of Life - an integral "starter"

Integral Dance of Life is also the name of an active and participative learning and reflective process. This process offers the richness of 50.000 years of human life in a 2,5 h long danced and acting out experiential journey, through stages of human evolution, guided by a soundtrack and some words.


The Integral Theory is today the widest, most far reaching, deepest, most comprehensive “map of existence” you can find. It is as reduced as possible to a few defining denominators, but still quite a complex matter. It´s probably the smartest model, or map to use to navigate through life, inside yourself and others, and to help you "stay surfing on the waves the wind of evolution produces". In other words, it´s probably the best guide to not get cornered by life, or to help you to get out again. To me it´s a hint on how to live life in Greatness.


The Integral Dance of Life as a process is an introduction to some aspects of this Integral Map (also called Integral Theory of Everything or Integral Framework). It takes you through six stages of human evolution, from the stone age consciousness to today. We even end with an outlook on tomorrow, towards where evolution might be going.


Not only knowing but living the energies of these six stages enriches life immensely. It makes you alive! It´s an ideal integral starter to those who learn better through doing, through their own direct experience. To whom pure theory doesn´t bring so much understanding.


To the integrally informed, the process can be an inventory; how well rooted and free are your first tier stages? Where might shadow appear? Tickling your awareness with sound might reveal stunning insights your thinking mind wouldn't reach in years.


So the Integral Dance of Life is Theory made Experiential. To be felt and lived through body, sensations, feelings, movement, dance, vocal expression, spontaneous interactive theatre; to be understood and integrated through meditative-reflective interludes. To be enjoyed and expanded through sharing.


  • Cavemen and clans women, drop your stone axes,
  • come and live your Attila the Hun & Cleopatra of Ancient Egypt,the mightiest rulers of the world !
  • Chant with your brothers, the Buddhist monks and pray with your sisters of Holy Mary.
  • Did you ever free slaves and bring democracy? Peak at the stars and into the core of atoms?
  • When did you last dig the Summer of Love, sis? Peace, man, peace!
  • What brought you here, to this internet site and to the Integral Dance of Life?
  • Where do you go from now?


This, and more can and will be experienced.

Information on when to join the next dance below a/o to the side on this page.


Move, enjoy and liberate.

Details on Dance of Life

Pic Ola serious fun
This is serious fun

Thanks to recent inspiration by the work of Terri O´Fallon, I´ve sub divided the six main evolutionary stages into four sub parts:

  • the early receptive (what is this stage about?),
  • the second more individual active (how do I live it?),
  • the third interactive of exchange with others, sometimes confrontational (what is this stage about when meeting other people who might interpret and live differently?)
  • to the forth interactive reflective of mutuality and support (what´s the goodie, fun, creative, danceable, playful way to live this stage? But also, where are it´s severe limits and the possible effects of those limits?).


Background: Change affects us all. Some words on the big change called EVOLUTION and how it affects you & what can be smart to do. Why the Integral Dance of Life is cool.

Evolution is about change to adopt to change. Thus evolution tends to fuel itself; any new change creates a new demand to adopt. This adoption automatically creates yet another change and so on. For a very long time, this adoption was about hardware, about our bodies and how they changed from apes to humans. But then, evolution turned to software, to how we use our brains, how we think, how we interpret that which our senses perceive. In other words, human evolution became an issue of consciousness.

Like with the software on your computer, new updates and other software bring new aspects, new options, new possibilities. But “the new” also brings more complexity. You could do better if you´d learn to deal with all this "new". But there is also a pressure in this, and that in itself can be over whelming.

So with each further step of evolution, the world becomes "bigger", more complex. Some people find they love it, they change & adopt, they grow and become “bigger” people (as in being able to see, understand and live with the new bigger, more complex Life at Large).

But to many people, the over whelm is stronger and the response can be some form of contraction, where one holds on to the well known old - which was good and very well enough yesterday. But in the light of "the new" and over time, the evolutionary forces keep working and you might find yourself pushed into a corner. If you feel life, or areas of your life as tight or tightening, that might be an indication of such evolution related over whelm in face of the changes of life.

Evolution also kind of speeds up. Born before the Second world war and you have the luxury of waiting it out. But born after the II WW, you are faced with major changes that do affect your life strongly. This “speed of change” is in itself part of the challenge of life today. It is ultimately a challenge for your consciousness. How to expand quicker?

Many theories and believes exist that all try to explain what life is about, why we here, how we should (and shouldn't) live, the nature of the spiritual (god!) and so on. To put it very very simplified, all world-views and philosophies of life boil down to explanations and instructions on how to not get cornered, or how to help you get out of the corner if you´re there. "You" being both individuals and whole societies. And of course, instructions on how to live a "good life".

Background to the name "Dance of Life"

The richness of 50.000 years of human life in 2,5 hours. That´s where the name Dance of Life comes from.


But Dance of Life also comes from my own hopeful dream of wanting life to be easier and “just like a dance”. It didn't seam like that, for long long times. Until one day I realised, that if God is a DJ, it´s not always my favourite music of life being played.

It´s up to me to catch the actual beat, to listen to the sacred information in the tune and take the guiding hint and move with what's there, not stopping or pushing the river.

You could also call it the Art of Aligning with Life at Large.


P. Ola Jannhov

Ola´s big jump in the forrest

P. Ola Jannhov, born 1964 in Lund, Sweden. Lives in Germany since 1990.

  • Worked the last 17 years as a DJ, entertainer/presenter (Ola der Schwede,
    and native speaker ( [event & marketing business].
  • Initiator an founder of Cologne´s smokefree alternative disco (barefoot boogie like).
  • Widely trained and experienced process worker, educated leader of active and social meditations, worked with theatre & acrobatics, dance as therapy & meditation and language [educational, cultural and spiritual-therapeutic settings, 12 years].
  • Trained in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, India and Germany.
  • More on

Unites joyful simplicity with depth. Some people call him a modern Jester.